the creative process

Creativity kindles my inner fire of joy and passion.

Nothing else matters but the here and now; the material to be formed, yielding my hands engaging in a dialogue between intuition and ideas, feelings and thoughts, negative and positive spaces, convex and concave forms.  When working in three dimensions the form flows harmoniously in all directions.  The movement of light on the surface is my judge.

Nature inspires me.  The flow of closely observed water creates wondrous forms and swirls. The budding of new plants implies much potential.  I try to capture the essence of natural movements, translating life and growth processes into abstract, three dimensional shapes.  I want to express the beauty behind all things, the joy and harmony of life.

Touching my sculpture is very important.  The smaller bronze sculptures need to be held and played with just as I did when I created them.  No matter what the size of the work, they need and invite the human touch.  Bigger pieces might need to be climbed on, sat on or curled up in .  The german word for understanding and comprehending is “begreifen”= to touch. It is true that I like to literally touch something in order to understand it.  In following the surface with one’s hand, a deeper understanding and engagement unfolds.

My wish is that the creative forces that brought the sculpture about will be palpable and taken in by the observer, either visually or by touch if possible to be treasured, inspired and transform the spirit.

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