Touch is important

Touch is one of the important aspects of my work.

The german word for understanding and comprehending is “begreifen”= to touch. It is true that I like to literally touch something in order to understand it.  In following the surface with one’s hand, a deeper understanding and engagement unfolds.  In making this tactile and visceral connection with a shape something happens.  I can see it every time I watch people looking and appreciating my work; as soon as I encourage them to hold the piece or touch it a shift happens.  A light is going on, an understanding on a deep nonverbal level is created.  My art is like a bridge or a translation encoding a deep connection we all have to the natural world.  This deep connection is the necessary fertilizer that is required for transforming change.  It reconnects us to our roots and brings an understanding of what is important in life.  Not an intellectual understanding but a reverberance deep in our bodies.  Change has to come from this deep level and will be a new life force that is unfolding toward the light, transforming our world view and thereby changing our reality.

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