Sculpture Journal 6/25

next one is tacked in place

next one is tacked in place

and one is held in place by duct tape

and one is held in place by duct tape

Finally a dry day!  The sun actually came out.  So I canceled all my evening plans and worked till after dark with the light of a spot light.

I fitted the longest of the  curves in place and didn’t have to shorten  it.  I only had to grind the ends to fit around the round profile of the matching pipe.  I propped it up with tree stumps and the step ladder and was able to tack it in place.  The next one went into place pretty smoothly as well.  The last and shortest one was the hardest.   There were a few times I wanted to tighten a curve, but the angle of my pipe was wrong, so I ended up straightening the pipe out to where I needed to make an adjustment and then tighten it again.  That happened a few times.  In addition I had to handle a 13.5’ long pipe.  I wanted to get it fit just right and then cut it to length, rather than give myself some extra, cut it and lighten my load.  Well I finally cut it and now I just need to grind nice transitions in the ends.

I hope I will get everything fitted tomorrow and completely welded over the weekend.  It is also time to think about how I want to mount it.  I think I’ll check the ground at Merryspring to see how deep the soil is in that spot and go from there.

Nice to see how it is coming together though!

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