Drawings 3/2-6/10 Chakras

More intuitive drawings….

I received 2 different types of body work last week introducing chakras into the work.  During one session the colors were evoked the other session dealt more with key words.  As a way for me to process this, I drew shapes that came to me thinking about the chakras, using the colors used in the first session.  Usually there are 7 Chakras, but it felt incomplete, so I added an 8th.  I heard Caroline Myss once referring to 8 Chakras.

1st Chakra- Trust, Vertrauen

2nd Chakra- Respect. Rücksicht

3rd Chakra - Love, Liebe

4th Chakra - Connection, Verbindung

5th Chakra _ Truth, Wahrheit

6th Chakra - inner Knowing, inneres Wissen

7th Chakra - Spiritual Connection, Geistliche Verbindung

8th Chakra for my own completion, all in one? alles in allem?

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