STIL Artikel

I am thrilled to be included in the current issue of STIL, Goetheanismus in Kunst und Wissenschaft.

For the full issue contact: Redakteur Michael Kurtz, STIL Verlag am Goetheanum, Hügelweg 53, CH 4143 Dornach, +41-61-706 42 04,

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Antiklastisches Schmieden


Anbei ist ein Artikel der 1985 im Schmuck Magazin Aurum erschienen ist:

Ettagale Blauer: Potrait Michael Good in: Aurum Heft 23, IGC (Hg.) Genf (IGC) 1985,            S. 42-48

Aurum_1 Kopie

Synclastisch- beide Achsen gehen in die gleiche Richtung; Anticlastisch- die Achsen gehen in entgegengesetzte Richtungen

Antiklastisches Formen aus- Aurum Kopie


Aurum_3 Kopie

Aurum_4 Kopie

Aurum_5 Kopie




Aurum_6 Kopie


Aurum_7 Kopie



Jewelry and Sculpture available on Etsy

I have thought long and hard if I wanted to post my work on Etsy.

About 6 months ago I finally did. And I am glad.

Even though I have not figured out exactly how to drive traffic to “my Store”, I can say that it does give me a bigger exposure; even international, since I translate my listings into German as well. My “Store” displays newer pieces than you would find on my website. The backend setup of shipping is all pretty slick. I have sold a few Beltbuckles, Pendants and now made a custom order of forged brass hooks for a woodworkers key cabinet.

Here is what she had to say: “The custom made hooks are Stunning pieces of art, thank you! I’m very happy about how they look. Antje is very responsive and made my ordering from her very easy; she answered all my questions and created the hooks exactly the way I asked.”

custom made brass hooks

custom made brass hooks

So, check out my store on Etsy, like it and share it.  You find it through the link below and under VisualArtsMaine.

You will also find Visual Arts Maine on Facebook

Stay connected and enjoy Summer.

Video of Antje

In this video Antje is talking about her art: Bronze sculptures and pendants, Foldform jewelry and sculpture, outdoor sculptures and the connection to the heart and her other passion; Massage Therapy.