Sculpture in Winter

Balance and Swing in Snow

The following text was published in the Newsletter of Merryspring Nature Center.  It also introduces the idea of renting a sculpture

Sculpture in Winter

Winter is such a beautiful time to enjoy our gardens in a more quiet way.  Winter draws our attention to the core, the essential, the structure.  Trees and shrubs reveal their essence.

The same is true for the sculptures in Merryspring’s gardens.  When the snow is covering all the plant life, even the lower shrubs, the sculptures stand out by themselves, framed sometimes by nearby bushes or trees, or just standing in open space.  Depending on the snow level, the lower parts of the sculpture even disappear.  Right after a storm, fresh snow can play with the linear forms of the piece.  On a sunny day, a moving shadow will play around the sculpture throughout the day.  There is a lot to be noticed and discovered.  Please take the time and enjoy this unique opportunity to admire and interact with the sculptures during nature’s quiet time.

Created by artist Antje Roitzsch, the sculptures have been on display at Merryspring since last summer. “Spiral dance” poses in front of the Ross Center; “Balance and Swing” sits on the boulder in the back of the building.  “New Leaf” stands in the rock garden; “Harmony” spreads out in the herb garden; and “Uprising” takes center stage in the lawn behind the lilies. “Flowering” shoots up in the children’s garden; and “Spiraling” hangs in the locust tree in front of the hexagon. Each sculpture goes well in its specific surroundings, as if it belongs there.

And that could happen, if you or other members wish to purchase a piece for Merryspring.  “Keeping in Motion,” which was in the hexagon, has already left the exhibit and will soon be hanging at the Rockland Library.  The artist’s goal for these sculptures is to have them continue bringing joy to people and to be accessible to the public.  However, if someone falls in love with a piece and decides to purchase it, a portion of the sales price would be given to Merryspring as a donation.

In addition, beginning in the spring, the pieces may be rented, either through the summer or for the whole year.  The artist also is available to come to your property and site the sculpture to assist in optimal display.  Rental fees start from $30.00 per month, with a six-month minimum. You may try out a sculpture before you buy it with a “rent to buy option.” For more details,please call Antje at 542-4285 or e-mail her at

If you would like to know more about the background of the Art, Nature and Design Exhibit with beautiful photographs of each sculpture, a book is available at Search for the title of the book: Art, Nature and Design. Action shots of the metal bending process are included.

Sponsors and Donors

Sponsors and Donors:

This will be a growing list and added to periodically.

Merryspring board of directors thank you for believing in this project and giving this new direction a try.  I am determined to make it a success 🙂

Especially Meg Barclay worked with me on making this show happen and a beautiful reception. She also made and donated the brochures for the show.

Abi Morrison is constantly supporting my creative endeavors in many different ways.  This large sculpture show is the biggest project yet!  Much love and thanks.

Emergency acupuncture has been needed on occasion.

Paul Cartwright encouraged me to build the sculpture myself, gave me a lesson in bending pipe and hooked me up with a cool bending rig.  He just stopped by again to help me improve it! Thank you for your encouragement and belief that I can do it.

Butch Hannan at Maine Oxy, very generously let me practice my welding skills and let me mig and stick weld my bench and bending rig.  Many thanks Butch!!!! You are a great teacher as well.

Tom Prescott made a money donation and offered time.  Thursday looks good!

Mark Wallack made a money donation and offered time

thank you both!  The next sculpture will get build as well!

Rob Lash donated steel pieces for the 3rd sculpture.  This piece might have to wait a little longer.

Steve Porter donated tools that were rescued from the fire.

Maine Sculptor Group helped brainstorming ideas on how to go about building the sculptures.

Jay Hogland let me use his gas welder to practice and brainstorm about my models.

I also cut and drilled some pipe in his shop.

Kyle Swan transported the heavy pipe to my place.

Lori Misiewicz transported my heavy bench and rig home.

Mikey Kelley. will come tomorrow and help me bend some pipe, can’t wait.

Terry Bradshaw signed up for Friday and has been there on a few occasions.

Jim Buckley donated steel that I used for temporary support and levers,  also chiropractic treatments kept me aligned.

Judith Mitchell got me started on the next Sculpture “Uprising”

Maura Melley helped me bend a few curves of “Uprising” and tack the first 2 curves in place

Pam Mountain is going to transport “Uprising” to Merryspring.

Lani Temple from Megunticook Market provided food for the reception