A sculpture page is in the making

Welcome to the Sculpture page of Antje Roitzsch.

Here are the first few new copper sculptures I created this year.

Click the pictures  or the links to view galleries of more images and details on each sculpture.

different Copper Sculptures

Phoenix- Copper Sculpture:


Emerging Spirit: 

Emerging Spirit

Try out the links and enjoy the first glimpse into my world of sculpture. Bringing beauty into this world is my strongest mission at this point in time! Let me know how you experience the sculptures and what impression you get

Should you come across any links that don’t work, please tell me.

All the best




Books describing the artist’s journey

” Art To Touch The Heart”. It describes all of Antje Roitzsch’s artistic development and stages in text and a lot of photos.

Art to Touch the Heart
An Artistic Journey
By Antje Roitzsch
Photo book

Kunst Zum Erleben- German Book
It accompanied a show in Germany at the Waldorfschule Essen.

Kunst zum Erleben
Künstlerischer Werd…
By Antje Roitzsch
Photo book

Drawings 3/2-6/10 Chakras

More intuitive drawings….

I received 2 different types of body work last week introducing chakras into the work.  During one session the colors were evoked the other session dealt more with key words.  As a way for me to process this, I drew shapes that came to me thinking about the chakras, using the colors used in the first session.  Usually there are 7 Chakras, but it felt incomplete, so I added an 8th.  I heard Caroline Myss once referring to 8 Chakras.

1st Chakra- Trust, Vertrauen

2nd Chakra- Respect. Rücksicht

3rd Chakra - Love, Liebe

4th Chakra - Connection, Verbindung

5th Chakra _ Truth, Wahrheit

6th Chakra - inner Knowing, inneres Wissen

7th Chakra - Spiritual Connection, Geistliche Verbindung

8th Chakra for my own completion, all in one? alles in allem?