“CLARITY” June – mid July at Hawk Ridge Farm, Pownal ME


The show will be outside and by appointment only
On display are elegant stainless-steel and wood sculptures by Stephen Porter and the work of thirty other outstanding artists from New England. – my Mobiles will be introduced for the first time.

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy art in a safe and beautiful setting and consider sculpture for your home and garden.


Sculpture Show May 20th at Hawk Ridge Farm


On May 20th you have a chance to visit the beautiful sculpture garden at Hawk Ridge Farm for “Embracing Earth”. A number of my pieces are included in the show. Find out more information here    

 Sculpture Show June 7th in Wells Reserve at Laudholm Wells

Another sculpture show “Power of Place” will open on June 7th in Wells Reserve at Laudholm Wells. I am still working on a piece that will be included in that show. I can’t wait to finish it and have you be able to see and interact with it. Find out more information here


Create your own hardware, or jewelry WORKSHOP

This is a 4 week workshop, initially tailored to woodworkers wanting to create their own hardware. But all the skills taught can be applied to creating jewelry as well.
Starting April 5 2016 from 6-8:30  for 4 Tuesdays.

Students will learn how to create draw handles, pulls, hooks or other metal elements, ( or bracelets, earrings) by hammering/forging a square or round rod of copper. This workshop gives a basic understanding of how metal can move and how pliable it is. Hammer marks can be used as design elements or can be planished out, filed smooth and even polished. In addition we will explore how to hammer sheet metal into decorative design elements. (or jewelry) Flat sheets also can be folded and hammer to explore very 3 dimensional shapes. Who knows where inspiration will take you.

For more info and to register click this link

 Summer 2015

Antje Roitzsch will be represented with 6 Sculptures at this show:

Lucent Journey

Constance Rush, Lucent Journey, marble, 10 x 28 x 8 inches

Hawk Ridge Farm Pownal, Maine June 6th – July 26th, 2015 Opening Reception
Saturday June 6th, 4:00-6:00 pm

Open by appointment with Open Houses Sunday afternoons from 2:00 – 400 pm 207-688-4468

Previous Events

Artisan Tour 2014

September 12,13,14 from 10am-5pm

The Maine Beehive will be on the Artisan Tour this year.  Artists Antje Roitzsch and Lori Lacy will show jewelry and sculptures as well as demonstrate some techniques. You are invited to watch, ask questions and get an insight into how metal is forged, formed and anodized.   And you can purchase items “hot off the press”

Here is the Link for more information

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