Welcome to my Jewelry page. You will find collections created in different jewelry techniques. You can find a lot of these pieces in my Etsy Store for sale. If you are not on Etsy, most pieces can also be purchased directly online through my old Website:

Sculptural Jewelry

These beautiful flowing pendants and earrings can be a personal talisman and wearable treasure. They are inspired by my sculptural work and are miniatures that one can keep on your person at all times.

They are available in bronze, silver or even gold.

All pieces can be purchased directly online through :

Forged Jewelry

Forging is the oldest form of metalsmithing. In ancient times after the metal had been purified and molten, it had to be forged into usable shapes, like wire or sheet that then could get more refined into the creation the metalsmith would work on. But the very first step was the forging.

All pieces can be purchased directly online through :

Foldformed Jewelry

This is part of a jewelry collection I created in the early 1990 in the technique of anticlastic raising. I discovered that I can create the same shapes with foldforming and have resurrected the collection. Since one actually forges the shapes with forldforming, a very interesting hammer pattern covers the surface.
All pieces are available in sterling silver or 18kt gold (if not posted ask for the current gold price) Some of the earrings are available in copper with silver wire. All pieces can be purchased directly online through, although some pieces might not be in stock and will be made to order :

Triangular Pins

I created this line of triangular pins to have fun and got quite excited in developing this theme

The shape of the bronze triangle is dynamic; it is self contained but with the possibility of movement

In framing something it gets featured, added more and new meaning. It receives close observation and the attention is directed towards the details. In choosing what to display I get to share what draws my attention. The materials can be a tin can or 22kt gold, slate or diamond, flower or wood. It might be a found object or something created intentionally to fill the space. All pieces are unique, signed and numbered

Wearable Art

The triangle is big enough to see what is displayed yet small enough to wear. When not worn the pins can be set on a pedestal as an objet d’art to be enjoyed at all times or hung on a specially designed slate or wooden background in which case the pin becomes part of a wall piece of art. Only some of them are available for sale any more. Please inquire:


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