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I finally opened my etsy store. So fare 7 belt buckles are listed.  It takes some time to put all the info together and create the post.

Here is the link

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Best to you during the holiday season

Bronze Belt Buckles

Bronze Belt Buckles

These belt buckles are pieces of art, created for people that enjoy expressing themselves through beauty and love to wear hand made pieces to reflect their individuality. Many steps are involved to create them.

My first models for these belt buckles I sculpted in plasteline. But plasteline is too soft to use as a model in sand casting. Wax on the other hand is hard enough. So I made a mold of the plasteline sculptures and cast wax into it. Recently I carve the new sculptures directly in wax.

The video below shows the casting process in detail.

All belt bucks are available for sale on my Website:


And here is the video demonstrating the sand casting process of the Belt Buckles: