Workshop- Forging and Foldforming

Create your own hardware, or jewelry.

This is a 4 week workshop, initially tailored to woodworkers wanting to create their own hardware. But all the skills taught can be applied to creating jewelry as well.

Students will learn how to create draw handles, pulls, hooks or other metal elements, ( or bracelets, earrings) by hammering/forging a square or round rod of copper. This workshop gives a basic understanding of how metal can move and how pliable it is. Hammer marks can be used as design elements or can be planished out, filed smooth and even polished. In addition we will explore how to hammer sheet metal into decorative design elements. (or jewelry) Flat sheets also can be folded and hammer to explore very 3 dimensional shapes. Who knows where inspiration will take you.

This workshop will expand the vocabulary of the students, learning what is possible with metal. This exploration might also open the doors to use metal elements in conjunction with the wood design.

Even if students don’t want to fabricate the metal pieces themselves, they will have an idea of how to design it and work with a metalsmith to fabricate exactly what fits their design.

Most practice pieces will be done in copper, but eventually can be executed out of brass, bronze, silver or other metals, depending on the technique.IMG_2533

When and Where:

Starting Tuesday April 5

4 Weeks, Tuesdays from 6-8:30pm

Mill St. Rockland


$140 per student- this includes shop fee and cost of copper rod and sheet

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Early bird price $120 if registered and paid by 3/12/16 with check or cash

min. 4 students

max. 8 students

Registration Deadline: 3/29/16

email: or call 207-542-4285

Prepay by check or cashP1050105 copy

Antje Roitzsch

20 Mill St.

Rockland, ME 04841


Tools that would be good to have, but not necessary for the class itself: cross peen hammers, planishing hammers, any metal plate that can receive hammer marks. (I now have a nice selection of hammers to share and metal plates.)

Ear protection is a must and may be leather glove for the holding hand.

I am looking forward to spending time with you and teaching you some new skills.




Video about me and my work

Here is a video about me and my work, connecting my artistic- and body-work through the heart.  This was made by Bill Anderson:

Jewelry- forged pendants

Here is an entry showing my other line of work- jewelry:

Pendants for Men and Women

I always have been interested in creating jewelry that can be also worn by men.   Here is an attempt to create pendants that speak to the raw, unrefined, pure and adventurous spirit of both men and women.


Forging is the oldest form of metalsmithing.  In ancient times after the metal had been purified and molten it had to be forged into usable shapes like wire or sheets that then could get more refined into the creation the metalsmith would work on.  But the very first step was the forging.  These pendants are all made out of copper square or round stock and forged into different shapes just with a hammer on an anvil.  I use an old railroad track as my anvil.  No two pendants will be the same.  They might remind one of an old, favorite, well worn tool used in farming or boat building.

forged copper pendant

forged copper pendant

all pieces are about 40cm long- about 1.5'

all pieces are about 40cm long- about 1.5'

this piece has a green patina

this piece has a green patina

different cords can be chosen for each piece

different cords can be chosen for each piece

rustic, simple yet elegant

rustic, simple yet elegant

like a favorite tool

like a favorite tool

this piece is 50cm/ 2' tall

this piece is 50cm/ 2' tall

3 different sizes, from 34-48cm.  Showing different cords

3 different sizes, from 34-48cm. Showing different cords