Sculpture Journal 4/46/10

Here are more detailed views of the 3 sculptures shown in NJ at the Designer Showcase:

"Passage", side view, 7 x 10.5 x 10.5"

the same piece- from below

from above

Abstract I, I still could use another name for this piece

side view, 14,5 x 14 x 9"

another view

Harmony, 25.5 x 12 x 8"

side view

3/4 view

Sculpture Journal 4/12/10

I made it!!!

All three pieces for the New Jersey show are done.  It was a little push to get everything sculpted.  Then the drying was out of my hands.  Fortunately we had a little sunshine and they all took a turn sitting in the car to get really nice and warm and help with the drying.  The painting went smooth too.  Today I picked up the black bases.  It makes such a difference.  They look very nice and finished now, and the proportions to each other are great as well.  I hope I will see pictures of the chest they will be standing on.  I am crossing my fingers that it actually looks great.

Tomorrow everything will get wrapped up and off it goes….

The Trio is all done

different view

Sculpture Journal 3/26/10

I am working on 3 sculptures for a show in NJ.  All of them are made out of hydrocal.

Armatures for the 3 sculptures and the space available

"Abstract I" This piece still needs another name....

made out of hydrocal

smooth finish, it will be painted white


this one has a textured finish to it

also painted white once it dries

Sculpture journal 2/ 26/10

I just finished “Wintersleep” the sculpture in hydrocal.  I still need to take nice pictures, but I brought it to a gallery for a show.  So it has to wait.

I learned that I need to keep the sculpture wetter before adding another layer.  Although the different color layers look like very organic stone.  As finish I used encostic.  It worked great.  I had the sculpture on the woodstove getting nice an warm and the encostic just melted on and in the pores.  A hairdryer worked to give extra heat.  It feels like a very nice finish.


Sculpture Journal 11/16

my first testpiece in hydrocal, "comfort"

Abstract 1

Abstract 2

Abstract 3


Turtles out of bronze, plaster and hydrocal

I finally took some pictures of these pieces.  If you know my palm sculptures, you will recognize these shapes.  Here are samples of how they could be mounted on stone.  Wouldn’t they look great in front of a library, office building or in a park?  Who would like to commission them?  I am game!

Auf deutsch:

Hier sind neue Fotos.  Die montierten Stücke sähen doch sehr gut vor einer Bücherei aus, einem Bürogebäude oder in einem Park.  Ich brauche nur einen Auftrag.  Ich bin bereit!

Sculpture Journal Nov. 3- 10

It has been a while since I actually worked on a sculpture.

I finished putting together a book about my sculpture show at Merryspring Nature Center in Camden ME.  This process now feels complete, although the sculptures will remain in the garden throughout the winter.

Coming back from Germany from a family trip I now had the mental energy for something new.

For a while I wanted to try out hydrocal as a material.  I had worked in plaster before and liked the process of building the form up and then filing it to give it definition and shape.  But I was looking for a harder material, that is not so sensitive and could even be outside.  Someone had mentioned hydrocal and I actually got a bag 6 month ago.  Now it was time to try it out.



I started out with copper tubing and fabric

I started with a form of copper tubing which I covered with fabric to get the initial shape.  Now I mixed the hydrocal and put  a layer of burlap soaked in hydrocal over the fabric.

I noticed that the hydrocal stays longer in a workable consistence than plaster.  I can mix it to be thicker in the beginning than plaster, so it doesn’t run down and it hardens slower.  All this works really great.

hydrocal and burlap


I ended up mixing fery small amounts and adding many layers.  The most timeconsuming part is cleaning out my mixing container.  So I ended up reusing old paper cups that I collect when I get a tea on the road.   The thickness of the piece grew much more than I had planned, but it needed the substance.  Following the lines was an interesting unfolding.  I didn’t really wanted to have an inside surface, an outside surface and a thick edge.  I followed the the movement of the lines and how they wanted to travel from the outside along the edge to the inside.  Now it is one infinite flow without break.

Once the surfaces seemed filled out I started to file the piece to make the lines crisp.  Now it is slowy drying covered in plastic.  Then it will get another going over with a file.  I would like to retain a texture.

The whole process sure dulls my files!  Only the edge is still usable.  I wish there was an artsupply place here!


continues flowing line from inside to outside