STIL Artikel

I am thrilled to be included in the current issue of STIL, Goetheanismus in Kunst und Wissenschaft.

For the full issue contact: Redakteur Michael Kurtz, STIL Verlag am Goetheanum, Hügelweg 53, CH 4143 Dornach, +41-61-706 42 04,

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Antiklastisches Schmieden


Anbei ist ein Artikel der 1985 im Schmuck Magazin Aurum erschienen ist:

Ettagale Blauer: Potrait Michael Good in: Aurum Heft 23, IGC (Hg.) Genf (IGC) 1985,            S. 42-48

Aurum_1 Kopie

Synclastisch- beide Achsen gehen in die gleiche Richtung; Anticlastisch- die Achsen gehen in entgegengesetzte Richtungen

Antiklastisches Formen aus- Aurum Kopie


Aurum_3 Kopie

Aurum_4 Kopie

Aurum_5 Kopie




Aurum_6 Kopie


Aurum_7 Kopie



New Ariadne Earrings

I had a great time trying  out a few different variations on a theme.  The end result…. I like them all.  They are great to put on and wear.  I have gotten so many compliments.  They really get noticed.  The next step is to make one in gold.  Which one should I start with?

Variations on a theme.  3 Versions of the new earring design "Ariadne"

Variations on a theme. 3 Versions of the new earring design “Ariadne”

Ariadne #1.  The widest part is at the beginning

Ariadne #1. The widest part is at the beginning

Ariadne #2.  the widest part is in the middle

Ariadne #2. the widest part is in the middle

Ariadne #3. The widest part is at the end.

Ariadne #3. The widest part is at the end.

Bronze Belt Buckles

Bronze Belt Buckles

These belt buckles are pieces of art, created for people that enjoy expressing themselves through beauty and love to wear hand made pieces to reflect their individuality. Many steps are involved to create them.

My first models for these belt buckles I sculpted in plasteline. But plasteline is too soft to use as a model in sand casting. Wax on the other hand is hard enough. So I made a mold of the plasteline sculptures and cast wax into it. Recently I carve the new sculptures directly in wax.

The video below shows the casting process in detail.

All belt bucks are available for sale on my Website:


And here is the video demonstrating the sand casting process of the Belt Buckles:

Foldform Jewelry and Sculpture

Foldformed Jewelry

This is part of a jewelry collection I created in the early 1990 in the technique of anticlastic raising. I discovered that I can create the same shapes with foldforming and have resurrected the collection. Since one actually forges the shapes with forldforming, a very interesting hammer pattern covers the surface.
All pieces are available in sterling silver or 18kt gold (if not posted ask for the current gold price) Some of the earrings are available in copper with silver wire. All pieces can be purchased directly online through :

A selection of Foldform jewelry and sculptures:

Video about me and my work

Here is a video about me and my work, connecting my artistic- and body-work through the heart.  This was made by Bill Anderson:

more foldform jewelry

Leda Earring Studs

Kite earring studs

Comb earring studs

Comb stud on the ear, this one is the longest of the 3, but all are about the same width

Isis Earring

Athena earrings

Athena Pin

Closed Double Bracelet

Closed Open Bracelet

3 bracelets