Sculpture journal 2/ 26/10

I just finished “Wintersleep” the sculpture in hydrocal.  I still need to take nice pictures, but I brought it to a gallery for a show.  So it has to wait.

I learned that I need to keep the sculpture wetter before adding another layer.  Although the different color layers look like very organic stone.  As finish I used encostic.  It worked great.  I had the sculpture on the woodstove getting nice an warm and the encostic just melted on and in the pores.  A hairdryer worked to give extra heat.  It feels like a very nice finish.


Sculpture Journal 1/20/10

Here is another sculpture illuminated.  It will hang on the wall or is freestanding.  The freestanding version creates really nice shadows.

illuminated with candle light. It creates really nice shadows

Sculpture Journal 1/4/2010

Here are some snow images of the sculptures at Merryspring Nature Center

New Leaf

snow shadows of "Uprising"

"Harmony" in snow

Balance and Swing in Snow

Sculpture Journal 12/22/09

Here is the first try of an illuminated wall piece.  It is a model, but big enough to hold a tee light.  A bigger piece will have more safety room for a tee light, but ideally it will have a light bulb that is wired directly into the wall.

illuminated wall piece

still interesting with day light

Sculpture journal 12/21/09

The solstice!

It seems to be the right time to start playing with light in my sculptures.

Here is the first piece I made with light in mind.  As I am finding out it is great to illuminate it from above or below, but not from behind it as I originally had thought.  The light source will be seen and distract from the form.

This piece is made to hang on the wall and I loved playing with 2 mirror images as I have done hundreds of times with the symmetric shapes of earrings.

mirror images wall piece

side view, this piece is about 29" tall, about 72 cm

Sculpture Journal 11/16

my first testpiece in hydrocal, "comfort"

Abstract 1

Abstract 2

Abstract 3


Turtles out of bronze, plaster and hydrocal

I finally took some pictures of these pieces.  If you know my palm sculptures, you will recognize these shapes.  Here are samples of how they could be mounted on stone.  Wouldn’t they look great in front of a library, office building or in a park?  Who would like to commission them?  I am game!

Auf deutsch:

Hier sind neue Fotos.  Die montierten Stücke sähen doch sehr gut vor einer Bücherei aus, einem Bürogebäude oder in einem Park.  Ich brauche nur einen Auftrag.  Ich bin bereit!