My name is Antje Roitzsch.  I am an artist working in many media. Please explore this site and follow the links to dive deeper into my work. Enjoy



Antje grew up in Germany in a family where strong emphasis was placed on doing things with your hands, being creative- handmade presents were always treasured.

Her broad education in a Waldorf school gave her exposure and knowledge of many skills in addition to a form language that was deeply embedded in her creative vocabulary and that she draws from in her current work.

After high school she explored graphic arts and theater back drop painting.  A four year goldsmith apprenticeship gave her a solid skill level that is at the root for her careful and exact craftsmanship.

She was given a year grant to study a new goldsmith technique in  Maine with Michael Good, where she ended up designing and producing jewelry for 15 years.

An extended stay in New York City awakened a new surge of creative interest, expanding to sculpture and photography.  Back in Maine she dedicated herself to learning the bronze casting process. Besides the resulting intimate bronze sculptures she also created miniatures that can be worn as pendants or earrings.  A series of palm sculptures showcase her philosophy that sculpture is there to be touched.  Those pieces can be held and played with or used for meditation.  Antje currently is learning to weld and is looking forward to incorporating this technique in to her work for outdoor pieces.

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